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Welcome to Meaghan Young Engagement Rings! I’m so happy you’re here and I look forward to serving you and your fiancé to be on this exciting journey.

I truly love designing and creating rings that capture personal style, personality, lifestyle and values. As a trained jeweler from the premier school in the U.S., I use only the highest quality materials, ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones….as well as state of the art design technology. Basically…her ring will be AMAZING!

I offer tons of boutique service perks AND I’ve written a FREE eBook for you because I know that the pressure to get it right can be OVERWHELMING! So let’s take the pressure off. Decide today to have an incredible ring buying experience, one with complete confidence that she will LOVE her ring.

If you want your proposal to be a surprise but you’re also worried she might not like the ring you pick out, you can read all about my Loaner Ring Program inside the book!

Ladies: 50% of women want to be a part of their ring’s design. If that’s you, you’re in the right place too! I’ve written a version of my book just for you!

In my

💍FREE Engagement Ring Buying GUIDE💍

I explain:

  • How To Avoid the Biggest Mistakes When Buying an Engagement Ring

  • The Difference between Custom and Customizable Ring Options

  • Which Diamond Rating Agencies to Trust

  • How to Properly Insure Your Purchase

  • What a “Loaner Ring Program” is

  • Diamond Pricing

  • And More….so don’t wait, receive your FREE copy